August 20, 2014

My summer in between

Every now and then people ask me what I do during the week... when I don´t shoot weddings. Most people know that weddings happen on the weekends ;) and assume that during the week I am well... not as productive.
Usually I study and teach in university. I take classes, do the student thing and also edit. Now that my summer has fully begun (read, last exam over and term paper handed in) it was time to take off and let summer rain on me.
So I am most happy to write that for the rest of summer I am free of university obligations and truly can take time to roam, to be creative and to drive around the country to visit friends.
This is exactly what I did last week. 

So this is my invitation to join my summer in between. In between the weddings and in between the weekends. In between meetings with couples and preparing for the bliss of what  I gladly call my work.
I decided that my summer break does not have to be scheduled out of the wedding season. I decided it is right here. In the middle. In between.
Small breaks to recharge. And share time with friends.

August 7, 2014

Steffi & Sam - sunrise couple session

 Night was still in the air, I was in the historic centre of town, listening to the rare sounds. 
Waiting. Filling my lungs to wake up.
Then they came around the corner. Both on his bike, she safely in his arms. She blinked at me, unbelieving. Oh, is this what we do?
I greeted them with embraces and let Steffi in on the secret Sam & I had prepared for them.
Honestly? Nothing like surprising friends! Nothing like it.

August 4, 2014

The Monday post - pouring rain & le ragazze

The clouds rolled in, with the wind picking up, I searched my way to the hills near Würzburg as the car went quiet. 
I will be honest with you my mood was low ... even lower. The wedding was planned entirely as an outdoor event and the prospect of a tent packed with loads of guests was nothing for my slightly claustrophobic self.

After a full hour of wet from above... oh happy day... the sky cleared and we had the most amazing time outside with the panorama of the city spreading below the hills.

Not only was it the day I spent with my ragazze (my italian girls) one of us tied the knot and oh boy! Nothing like a good international wedding party!

Oh, the dress was designed and created by Marta (on the left). You will see more of it!!

I was of course happiest to have time with the sunset light working its magic and the cutest couple on earth.
Still I was even more surprised as Christina´s favourite band appeared on the scene. The exact group which she had most detailed described  to me as not realisable for their wedding. Yes, lets just say, she takes great delight in surprising her friends.

So here is to beautiful surprises and the sun coming out again!
Happy Monday!!

August 3, 2014

Sunset preview

Oh, today I could not wait till Monday to share the first peek of yesterdays most incredible love affair.
You will see much more of these two soon.

Have a lovely Sunday!

July 31, 2014

What not to do in the castle - Lesson learned

As I found my way the curly dirt road up the hill, I first saw the deers, then the alley of lime trees followed by a gate leading into the first court of the castle... followed by another garden... 
If you think I write about dreams come true way to many times on this Blog... maybe it is because my dreams indeed do come true. I felt like walking in one this past Saturday for sure.
And as I was pondering about this a bit more I realised something.
The more I dream, the more can come true. Right?
There was a new thought.

Lesson learned when shooting in a castle. 

Even if outside looks chilly and rainy... running up and down the stairs between the maiden chambers and the gentlemen's rooms surely is not chilly. But oh, all are under the same roof. I was happiest.

These cute, upholstered, golden-legged, antique chairs are not a good idea to stand on. Not even if it is to take the better angle picture of all the groom´s attire spread out on the bed. Luckily there was a quick hand to hold the chair and prevent my otherwise falling directly on the night blue Hugo Boss. Gosh, that would have been a memorable start.

Rosé rooms with white ceilings and large windows make a hack of a getting ready room. Just saying´.

Being offered a glass of champagne along side the ladies was one of the greatest honours for me... but being offered the German morning beer five minutes later... I simply had to reject.

Here are the last images of the day. <3

Gosh, so in love!

Have a great summery day!

July 25, 2014

9 things I know to be true

9 things I know to be true or; stars fall only once.
A bit of life.

1) Eating my morning muslie without a spoon sucks.
2) Fresh basil always has to be next to the stove.
3) Sarah Kay sweeps me off my feet, even after listening to her Ted Talk the 8th time.
4) Having a good friend in walking distance calms my orb of storming winds.
5) I consume more ice cubes than the average German (they don´t get it ;))
6) After years I cannot define the taste of music I have.
7) My relaxing evenings are not at the end of the week.

July 18, 2014

Married: Julia & Andre

With each hilly bend in the road my joy increased for this long anticipated day. I met Julia & Andre last year in Stuttgart and was beyond psyched to travel east for their festivities. To go home, see the hills again, smell the forests & shoot on the grounds of one of my favourite castles in Thüringen. <3
Truly in love with this gorgeous english park and Julia´s radiant smile as she hurried down the isle to meet her soon to be husband. 

After the last shutter was clicked and my work for the day was done, I drove back to the park, grabbed my snacks and laid down in the soft grass. Right in front of the castle. Despite the "Keep of the grass sign". Head over heels I stared at the pointy tips of the english roof. Because this was a moment worth celebrating. Not only to shoot in great locations, but to accompany people and see their moments unfold. 

Dear Julia & Andre, thank you for letting me be part of your day. To come in close and to stay far off. To see your smiles and joy.

July 9, 2014

What to do with rain on your wedding day

This is a question I get asked a lot for the early spring and late fall weddings... but due to the rainy start which July has provided us here in Germany I thought it is good to answer this question on the Blog. First of all; I love it when couples ask questions. And this one is a good one especially in Germany ;)
Second of all; bad weather is usually not that bad and there are so many creative and fun ways to work with it.
So here are some of my ideas to make this work for your special day.

1) Ask your photographer about the Plan B before the wedding
All the photographers I know are so very happy if clients ask them for advice. We love being part of the day and share what we know. A lot of the planning are small things, but they come in handy when thought of before the day, should the not so good weather strike your day. ;)

2) Plan for back up locations
This one goes along side the first hint on the list. There are many beautiful outdoor but roofed locations you can shoot in. It is always good to think of them ahead. For example hotel entries, porches, hotel lobbies, rooms with large windows or wide staircases will do as well.