March 30, 2015

Moving South - Monday Post

After having helped moving me for the tenth time my father had advised me that for the next time all my boxes and stuff needed help I should find myself a handful of strong guys to carry everything. So... this is what I did as the next move came around. My roomy Steffi ( not a guy though) and a wonderful selection of  strong-armed friends helped me with incredible ease to make this move as smooth and effortless as I could never have imagined it.

Thursday I had rented a small moving van for the very first time and we carried my beloved stuff four floors downstairs.  (Why do I have to live so far upstairs in building which lack an elevator?!?!) Anyway here come my do´s and don't´s if you should ever want my advice for moving ;)

March 18, 2015

Engagement shoot with Anna & Chris

One of the things I look forward most in the next weeks, is moving in with my new roomy. 
After the first handshake and laughter shared I had the feeling this would be a very good idea. Of course we only spent very few days in our new place yet, but every day we met we made some time to talk. I am so very much looking forward to talking, dreaming, being and praying some more. Of sharing the quiet and loud days. Of planning up till August sweeps through our calendars and gathering ideas for Blogposts together ;)

Funny things is, she already lived in our place for some time, I will follow soon. About four weeks after her time had started in Stuttgart I received a Whatsapp going something like, Rici!!!! look we got engaged!!!!!! 
After a good deal of squeaking and excitement it was clear we had to get out together. Out and about to the place where her fiancée had sung her song, had asked this one breathtaking question and clinked some bubbly. 

March 16, 2015

Taking a deep breath - Monday post

If you would have sat next to me by the river today, I would have told you that I was home last week. I would have told you that I took a good deep breath for five days. 
So slow and quiet that I almost forgot what it felt like to be out of breath. I meet only very  few precious people and everyday I had my dearest Mara´s softest ears to stroke. 

If you would have sat next to me, I would have told you that I don´t feel ready to move on, that I am scared to leave the most wonderful circle of friends behind. Friends I have come to call my family.

I would have told you that I don´t feel ready to leave studying behind and move on into the serious world of working professionals. So not ready.
I basically feel like I am still playing and all the others have figured it out already.

March 5, 2015

Portraits with Miracle

Everything was solid frozen and the trains where rattling on underneath us.
At 6am I was not quite sure where this idea had come from and as we where finally standing on the bridge I doubted that it was even the slightest of a good idea. The sun was somewhat reluctant to make itself seen and my feet where forming into big ice cubes well before we started shooting. I had underestimated the magic of a sunrise shoot in winter. Who would have thought it would be somewhat different from the sunrise glory in summer? hahahah...

Sometimes (actually often) as a photographer you simply have to rock with what you have. So we watched the dark grey sky turn into light grey and had a pretty wonderful time. 

March 2, 2015

Lyon in Winter, A bit of France - Personal

We were on the way back to Germany after the winter holiday in the south of Spain. On the highway, overcome by the prospect of entering into the cold-grey and into the week of work, decided on the shortest of notices to make a pit stop at Lyon. This then turned into two days of happy France bliss. Walks during the day time and incredible good food as soon as the cold drove us into one of the tiny gourmet places. 

ENjoy these lovely peeks into my two days in Lyon. 

February 25, 2015

Wedding Alisa & Felix

A most gorgeous day many Saturdays past in the early summer. One of my first weddings to shoot in the very heart of Stuttgart. Once more surprised by the hidden beauty of the city as well as this beautiful couple.
Thank you for asking me along and entrusting me with the honour of documenting your day.

February 23, 2015

Monday post

Dear Reader,
finally a new Monday is here and I am most happy to let you know, my thesis is done. Handed in and all. So wonderful! Last week was filled with excitement, exhaustion, a good dose of sleep and then some jolly birthday celebrations. 
While I was still writing my thesis I had implemented some rules in order to avoid distractions... such as no blogging, no editing before 12pm, no creative magazines... You know to keep me focus solely on my Jane Austen research. I studied about eye-contact, power relations and psychology all topics which I love. Still my mind wandered off to blogging and pictures going silly with ideas, now that this past process is over I cannot quite seem to find the muse again. Haha. Maybe to much writing.

My past two months were filled to the brim with the novels Emma and Persuasion and just as those wonderful books deserved, I took them with me on my Christmas / New Years journey. Actually I carry Emma almost everywhere I go. It is my go-to novel for any circumstance, any time of night or day. Even if  Persuasion set partly at the sea side I staged some super nerdy pictures reading Emma on the beach. So here you go. :D 
As I said, I carry it all the places. 

January 20, 2015

Time for being studious - Personal

This years post have come along at a rather slow pace. 
It will remain like this till the "handing in of my thesis" part is completed, as you have read in the previous post. Till then it really is all reading, collecting evidence and writing for me. Oh and a couple of client meetings by the end of this week. 

So here is just a little something from my stay in Valencia. Being studious. ;)

January 5, 2015

First Monday

Happy new beginning to you!

Not even twenty-four hours ago I returned home from my winter escape & when I look through the Blog I have the feeling it is becoming a reoccurring  theme. That around the colder months I hop in a car and leave. Leave towards the south where the light is filling me to the greatest delight. In a very lovely and southerny way I got to spent Christmas and New years in the warmest south of Spain. Comfortably tucked away in the historic city center of Valencia. This past summer I was working almost each weekend which was a gift greater than I had myself allowed to dream. Therefore the only a short trip I took was to Roma. Of course ;) And now the winter break called for a vacation with a good dose of rest & quietness. Those are the ups of a wedding photographer ;) And as I love the south I wanted to go and breath the air again. Every time I go I feel how much I missed it. The southern charm, the ocean´s blue, the people singing, the sun unstoppable beaming its brightest cold winter light. 

December 17, 2014

Aleksi headshots

One thing I absolutely adore about being a student is that it is so easy to meet all kinds of new people. And internationals come with that. I do not know what I will do when this splendid time of my live comes to an end & I will have to socialise in a new manner.

This is how I came to meet Aleksi. The funny thing is that our studies are more distant than any studies could ever be. So here I am happy to introduce a Finnish space master on the Blog. It was my joy to take your application pictures.